Friday, March 20, 2009

Coffee Vending Machine Service

A coffee vending machine service offers you the option of outsourcing your hot beverage requirements and operations. An external operator installs the coffee vending machines, keeps them maintained and operated and also provides consumables and staff (if needed).

Sounds great...but what do you need to know?

First, is the operator going to serve you well. Just because they say they can, be aware that service differs between vending companies. Check their experience, background, length of time in business etc. If you can't find a landline, know that you may be dealing with either a new business or a small and unstructured business. Then ask yourself, do they have the resources to manage my site? Get references and check them out...a few phone calls sure beats a legal bill to get out of the contract.

Second, check what they are providing. How many machines do you need? Are the coffee vending machines tried and tested or will they break down on you daily? No point having a coffee service if the machines are not working. Will they be able to repair your machines on the day of failure? Do they have a strong technical team?

Third, look at the quality of the consumables. Where are they used? Call the references to check if the quality is good. Taste them before buying...are they of the best quality?If they are providing staff, where have they managed staff on a site before..can they do it with serious efficiency?

Fourth, look at the billing and what you are paying for. Are you getting 250ml or 175ml cups...are you getting a chicory based instant coffee or a pure instant hot chocolate included? The price will differ dramatically. Will you pay for the coffee machines and the products separately? Some companies tell you the coffee vending machines are free if you buy their product...yeah right...when you are paying twice as much for coffee than the it really free? Calculate this to find out!

Go in with good knowlede as contracts will probably run for 12, 24 or 36 months and you'll want good products, machines and great service.

Should you decide to buy a coffee vending machine, have a look at our site for an article called "7 things to consider when buying a coffee vending machine" will also help you avoid some common mistakes!

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